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'Jasmine' is a one of our champion Borzoi

Borzoi, sometimes referred to as 'Russian Wolfhounds', being considered a giant breed and are one of the larger sighthounds.
They are a very elegant, noble breed and make good housedogs/companions providing they are properly trained and given their requirement of exercise daily.
Running in a safe, fenced in yard or walks/hikes on lead a few times a day helps keep this breed happy. They should NEVER be allowed to run loose.
They have a high prey drive and can cover miles readily.

Borzoi are affectionate dogs with their families but can be stand-offish with people and other dogs they don't know.
They are intelligent and highly observant. A Borzoi misses nothing going on in their home, yard or neighbourhood
They actually are very cat like in their personalities and having a soft, comfy dog bed is a must; no hard floors for this canine aristocrat!

Borzoi are approximately 26 to 32 inches at shoulder, and about 60-100lbs. Variation is attributed to type and bone/muscle.

Borzoi can be any solid colour or any combinations of colours