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The Coquetel Pointers line up in the kitchen for dish duty!

Pointers are an active sporting dog, and referred to as the "Gentleman's Gundog". They are a very loyal and affection breed. Being a very active Sporting dog means Pointers require regular daily exercise. They are intelligent and aside from being a great upland game dog, they do well with obedience and agility performance sports.

The breed ranges in weight from about 50lbs to 75 lbs, and 23 to 28 inches height at the shoulder. The females being at the lighter and shorter end of the scale.
They have a short dense coat that sheds and has no protective undercoat for insulation. As a result they are sensitive to the extremities that Canadian winters can offer. They are not a breed that can be kept outdoors for long periods during winters, they MUST be kept indoors for housing. Spring, summer and fall see them enjoying the outdoors to the maximum however.

Our Pointers are all house pets first, but we are active showing in conformation, obedience, agility and field work in both Canada and the US. Our dogs receive the recommended health clearances before being bred, and we only have puppies occasionally to ensure that our dogs receive plenty of human interaction, and get to participate in many activities.

The breed comes in a variety of colours: Liver, lemon, black, orange - either in combination with white or solid-colored.
In the darker colors, the nose should be black or brown; in the lighter shades it may be lighter or flesh-colored.