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'Travis'-a Coquetel bred boy owned & loved by the Tindale Family

Standard Poodles will always make you smile. They have an infectious joie de vivre. Naughty or silly, they fundamentally want to please. That is not to imply that they don't require training: in fact the opposite is true. If you do not train them, they will train you! They want to please. They give meaning to the phrase ... You want me to jump, how high? A standard poodle is a smart dog easy to train and enjoy for a lifetime.

Coquetel bred males will be anywhere from 22 to 26 inches at shoulder, 45-65lbs
Coquetel bred females will be anywhere from 21 to 23 inches at shoulder, 40-55lbs
They are an active sporting dog, requiring moderate exercise
Regular grooming every 6 to 8 weeks in necessary to be kept clean and hygenic

Key characteristics in our Poodles are:
  • Well rounded dogs fit for confirmation, obedience, and performance sports.
  • Sound and happy temperaments
  • Healthy animals, OFA/OVC hip clearances, ACVO eye checks, blood and skin tested and cleared before breeding.

  • Coquetel Poodles may be black, blue, cream and apricot. We always emphasize quality before colour.